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I wanted to take the time to give a big shout out to The Law Office of Jackson F. Gorski, a top criminal defense law firm that’s based in Austin, TX. Mr. Jackson F. Gorski is one of the few young lawyers in Austin that not afraid to take on serious criminal cases for defendants charged with felony offenses in Austin. If a person is looking for a criminal defense lawyer in Austin, they’ll be in good hands working with Jack’s law firm.

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Austin criminal defense lawyerWhen a person is looking for a skilled Austin criminal defense lawyer, it’s not uncommon to encounter numerous ads, marketing schemes, and mailbox ads for persons that were arrested. Instead of taking chances on the Austin criminal defense lawyer with the most flashiest ads, it’s probably best to talk with an attorney who has a practice based on merit, rather than color schemes and finely honed targeting.

Attorney Jackson F. Gorski has proven his worth to the Texas criminal defense bar by having success in criminal cases, helping people looking for jail release assistance in Austin, TX, and helping people in need of legal services at an affordable rate. If you’re ready to work with a professional law firm that knows what it means to help people and consistently provide value to the community, contact an Austin criminal defense lawyer from the Law Office of Jackson F. Gorski.

Criminal Defense Practice Areas

An Overview of Jack’s Law Practice

Jackson F. Gorski provides legal representation to folks arrested for DWI (driving while intoxicated), theft, burglary, drug possession, domestic violence, assault, homicide related offenses and also provides one of the responsive jail release services in Austin and throughout Travis County, TX.

If you need to contact a criminal defense attorney in Austin, use the contact information below to contact Jackson F. Gorski today!

The Law Office of Jackson F. Gorski
1800 Lavaca Street Suite 109
Austin, TX 78701
Phone: 512-960-4646

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