Private Detectives and Corporations in Texas

Private Investigation Firms in Texas

Corporations, corporate employees or individuals in Texas have many options of private investigation firms to choose from in case they want to investigate employee theft, personal injury claims, workers compensation fraud, insurance fraud, and mistreatment of workers among other claims.

Some of the private investigation firms in Texas offering such services include Gradoni & Associates, She Spies Private Eye, The Info Agency, Alliance Investigations, Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc., Halo Private Investigators and many others. These firms will provide their clients with private detectives to do the private investigation job and the charges vary depending on the type of job and the company providing the investigation services.

Functions of a Private Investigator

A corporate in Texas will hire private detectives to do certain jobs and these could include corporate executive protection, investigating fraud and employee dishonesty, pre-employment verification, computer crimes, background checks, insurance claims investigation and so on.

For corporate employees, the private detectives could help investigate issues like personal injury claims, mistreatment of an employee, workers compensation fraud, and insurance claims among others. For a further understanding of what a private investigator does with respect to corporations and employees, here is a personal injury story that happened sometimes back in Texas.

An employee named Mark was working in a hotel in Austin, Texas whereby he accidentally bumped into some trays that must’ve been negligently misplaced and he ended up on the floor. He later claimed that he was seriously injured and mentioned a constant pain in his lumbar back, right leg, left knee area, and chest area. The employee suggested that he couldn’t go back to work because of the injuries and he finally resigned. He then sued the hotel citing personal injury claims.

The defendant, on the other hand, hired a private investigator to disapprove those claims. On three occasions, Mark was put under surveillance by the private detective. He was seen getting into his car, a Jeep that he had purchased the previous year; doing deliveries to a number of restaurants; getting in and out of his vehicle on many occasions; jogging between one vehicle and another. The private investigator in Houston also managed to record the plaintiff going upstairs and downstairs; carrying bags down a steep slope; coming out of a shop carrying large packages while shifting them from one hand to the other.

Upon deciding the case, the Judge was satisfied that the plaintiff had grossly exaggerated evidence for personal injury claims and he dismissed the case. The judge found out that the personal injury claims made by Mark weren’t true as they were out of proportion to any injury he might’ve suffered in the minor incident.

Identifying the Best Houston Private Investigators

Whether you are a corporation, a corporate employee or an individual, you might find yourself in a dilemma when deciding which is the best company to handle your private investigations as there are so many of them within Texas and across the whole of United States.

  • To be able to make such a decision, the following are some facts of what to look for when in need of a competent private investigator.
  • A private investigation company should have the latest surveillance tools;
  • they must show skill and experience while doing their investigations;
  • for those in Texas, they should be fully insured and acquire a license from the Texas Department of Public Safety;
  • they must act with proficiency and show respect to confidentiality.
  • Finally, the best companies must have a history of handling their cases with professionalism and skill thereby leading to the unveiling of truths.

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